Obama’s war and real change

 Real change begins by freeing the imagination to envision the world we desire instead of one that glorifies greed, fetishizes narcissism, limits identity to consumer choice and ignores ecological limits. It means over coming social isolation, expanding sense of self, aiming high and acting based on our intrinsic altruistic and cooperative natures.

Obama’s decision to escalate involvement in a brutal war in one of the poorest parts of the world shows his blind faith in militarism. By delaying climate action he affirms corporate rule and its willingness to risk collective suicide rather than threaten elite profit. Change will not come from one person at the top but from masses of people empowered by life-affirming values.
Is real change possible? The idea of self-governance was barely conceivable to our rebellious ancestors long used to rule by monarchy. Likewise, the fact that today young people freely choose their life partners was a radical departure from the tradition of arranged marriages. So be realistic. Join forces to demand the impossible.

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