Occupy Magazine Issue #2

Occupy is a print and online magazine covering local, national and international issues of relevance to the Occupy movement. Produced by the magazine working group of Occupy Nova Scotia in Canada while camped out in front of the Halifax city hall, and distributed for free to anyone who requests a copy.

Download a digital version here Occupy Magazine Issue #2

Or request print copies by sending your mailing address to occupymagazine@gmail.com along with how many magazine you need.  We do our best to meet people`s requests.  Presently we have a print run of 500 copies, half of which are being distributed globally to ongoing occupations, the other half locally within Halifax. 

We operate under a gift economy paradigm.  Meaning that if you like what we produce, please contribute so that we can continue to publish the magazine.  With financial support we hope to expand our distribution significantly.  You can make a financial contribution to the magazine at  

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