So, everyone happy, because Wall Street is occupied.
Whatever that means: occupied.
When we say that Israel is occupying Palestinian territory, we mean that Israel can do as it likes.
These occupiers are the ones who are pepper sprayed and batonned.
But, okay, everyone is happy.

Am, I happy?
I'm always happy when there's some roaring in the streets.
Some sheep appear to be less sheep than others.
That's fine.
Am I really happy?

I don't think this is about revolution. Well, at least I do not hope.
Is it about Parecon? No!
Is it about the poor kids in Gaza? I don't think so.
Is it about Bradley Manning? I'm sure it isn't.

I suppose it is about a fair share.
A fair share of what?
A fair share of the Gross National Product of one of the richest – still, yes, still! -one of the richest economies in the world: the American Economy.

Robert Scheer says on CommonDreams: this is about justice.
And he quoted thoughts of Stiglitz and Soros, addressing the protesters.
Let me disenchant Robert Scheer (and other dreamers).
Soros and Stiglitz are merely talking about the method of solving the crisis, not about changing the system of the income distribution.

Naomi Klein made an interesting point: protesters are seeking change in the streets, because it won't come from the ballot-box.
Because, if there's one distinctive feature of democracy, then it is the ballot-box.
If you want to have change without a ballot-box, it has to be revolution.

Obama knows all about it.
When he spoke of hope and change he was dreaming of the ballot boxes of 2008.
Now they say Obama embraces the protesters – whatever embraces mean to the mainstream pen-pushers – so probably he is dreaming of the ballot-boxes of 2012.

Am I a cynic? No!
Am I without hope? I don't think so.
Am I a realist? I do not know.
It is difficult to analyze my feelings (and I have no intention to turn to a therapist).
But I'm not thinking of what happens.
I am thinking of what is going to happen.
I am thinking of what is likely to happen.

"By the time this is over, it will make the Tea Party look like … a tea party".
Russ Feingold said it.
A Dem.
A liberal.
Personally I hope it will never be "over".
But he said something to introduce that one-liner.
"This is like the Tea Party – only it is real."
In what kind of reality could Feingold possibly be living in?
The Tea Party is as real as a real nightmare can be!


Let's hope this time it will be some real change!

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