On the Lack of Protest of Operation Enduring Freedom

Further evidence, if such were needed, that a major part of Obama’s appeal is that, through successful PR, his administration enables faint-hearted liberals to put their heads back in the sand–silence on America’s latest Imperial Crusade*, the "Afpak" war.

Operation Enduring Freedom, a name that would make St. George (Orwell) himself cringe. So far, the attack on Afghanistan seems to be a straightforward "low-intensity" conflict, involving the bombing of civilian homes as well as the destruction of infrastructure, insuring the suffering continues long after the troops have gone home. There’s nothing terribly sensational about it. It lacks the melodrama of Abu Ghraib, or American "liberating" tanks cruising the boulevards. Instead, dust from disintgrated plaster, barely distinguishable body parts and misery–all hardly captivating and therefore readily ignored by the media.

And then there is the lesson of the war: that imperialism is integral to American society not simply an aberration of Republican or "neoconservative" policy. Implying that changes going deeper than anything the Democrats, left to their own devices, can hope to offer are necessary.

What the near-future has in store is unclear. A gap is opening as a result of the Obama Regime’s refusal to take public health care seriously. Perhaps, growing dissatisfaction can be capitalized on to win support for a comprehensive strategy to transform the polity into something responsive to democratic will and respectful of human rights.


*Cf. Imperial Crusades by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffery St. Claire.

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