Ordering my thoughts about the “Back Better Act”

I’ve been trying to read the history of the processing of “The Back Better Act” in the Wikipedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Build_Back_Better_Act?wprov=sfti1).

The Bill derived (it was an extracted part) from the American Jobs Plan, together with the Law for Investment in Infrastructure and Labor, and was part of a package of 3.5 trillion dollars, (later reduced to 2.2) that had to be processed through a special procedure existing  in the US called “reconciliation”, a procedure that allows the approval of budgets in the Senate as a shortcut, to avoid “obstructionism” ( filibuster), which requires a “super majority”.

Laws in the US have to be approved by Congress and the Senate.  (Laws known as “reconciliation” can pass the Senate with a simple majority of 51 votes or 50 votes plus that of the Vice President, as “tye-breaker”).

The Back Better Act has already been approved (220 – 213) by the House of Representatives, the Lower House, the Congress (the Senate is the Upper House) on November 19, 2021.

US Senate is formed by 100 members.  Democrats are 48 and  2 independent senators close ranks with them. Republicans are 50. Things are tight.

I suppose that, if the law is not passed in the Senate, the US will be left without any social package.  Not even the 1.75 trillion Manchin wanted to lower it to, directly nothing.

  But Senator Joe Manchin, though a Democrat, has already announced that, “in conscience,” he cannot support a “communist” law (he did not literally said that, but I think that’s the idea) which only leads to hyperinflation and chaos. (He has already applied the formula several times, it seems he loves to be looked righteous).

Manchin’s objections so far:

* They have almost halved the size of the bill

* They jeopardize guaranteed paid family leave

* They have eliminated a tax on billionaires

* They have eliminated most of the Medicare expansion

* Completely change the focus of the bill on climate change

But he is not done yet. May be his real intention is to erase completely social measures from US policies. Let the people starve and die on the streets.

The world should be announced that the real US President is not Joe Biden, but Joseph Manchin III.

Maybe in some former life he, Manchin, has “killed someone in Rheno, just to watch him die.”

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