oRGe-NaL from Waziristan to Teheran to Cairo

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oRGe-NaL from Waziristan to Teheran to Cairo
Ecology is  what is said is in  the direction of making first news in association w the people. Yet, when was the inception of the idiopathic, behind the assanguine correlation of what comparatives in Arabic language, or Persian is in question or others? What if not the Irans language, but maybe not—mabe the languages are too much a comp—comparable messages in Farsi, too!
 Bye now, what the program tells is nowhere the same as this is not decadence– which is not quite, altho, ad infinitum, etcetra “revolution is not in question, yet the methods" of people asking themselves re wherever in heck the u-S people skewed by neo-Con’s then backed by the plutocratic “method”. I shall explain! 
Palestines was in majority opinion behind the rest of the anarchists proposing to, maintain an UP-rising condensed Version to abstain the purposes, as they must have. The peaceful humanity backing is to all of us!
Then, the state-Media of Egypt is different than the military-Media of the u-S, which is different than the free or democracy “media” as hewn by monstrous books bindery and publishing businesses—or journalism as happy a medium. No. Not about wars. The journalists that do ascertain to get to both sides of the recent up-Risings at Tahrir? The once green Nile river grasses before the Egyptians and before the pharaohs… these are merely bastions, and the chaos the u-S pentagons had caused, has to have ensconced w the cIAS or naught. Yes. The paradigm of finding a-studious relegations in the middle-East. My travels. They are on terra-Firma codifice —dimension(s)… OKAY, what a Universal “trippe”…a trip that the we-Boomers placed into my suppliant lap, making technology the tRiPPe … move ahead or stand in line. But, not entrapped so much in the smog sure as heck at issue. Now 30-years later? Dig.
Therefore, why the dead-Coniferous mountains, the scientists in 324,000 range, a big professionalism or big largesse? How much is the u-S Pentagons coaxing the u-S m ilitary? Peace in CO, then… the whole aspiring greenery, coniferous-Growth temporized thru insects i.e. the para-Wasps– 7-8 millions acres of d-e-A d coniferous sheaths in browns. Mountainsides so demised, looks like post 20-hours of BP Gusher, the wat-are-Horizon. Yucko, breathe s-M-0-G… So, demised. The excruciating dimentia’s of allowing no research and no application. No g-dAmned insects in-sight. But, how to reverse that!  Weld, let’s talk into pronouncements of not phonemes, but nuclearist crossing in exchange. Democracy and halt Not the radioactivity, only, but the radiations study “zones” of NSDU-238 abused u-S parishes of immense communities, environs languorous, or why the term WEcology is useful for humanity, or for protestings, what the natural planet’s geo-Graphic non-Ionizing spaces were? 
My protests in the muddling w each major-Persona. So, my thanks are to the understanding and the non-Peaceful less mentality in lapse of knowing, anything of the world’s ocean’s—in harmony, chemical understanding, these correlations, peace? They are understanding-Levels, or what are that of exigenous energies, radio-Active ions or merely dirt wastes oozing, then used against retreating-Army, Falluja, and 79-days of uranium munitions thru N.A.T.O. they have our histories becoming a tacitness of concern. Or energy in moving homes from waterways, now not so superlatively closer homes destruction anyhow. That there is what happ[iness. When UN is not Ionized radiation conversations “can appear”?
 ? NOW,

… these words of appreciation to humanity who’ve moved mind-matter into proponency gears. Movement ahead, humanity against ice-Melt? These mountains not yet “replanted”!
A conCern in organizing the books as expansionist, to reach more others than where  I started—for sure, ecology-PhiLosOpHy. These premises, the perceptions about inclusive-History awl come to mind, exculpably, the lame’o societies want theirs is bourgeoisie. Those imperceptions on austerity program for word’s journalism. Which is course is mabe, a philosophy akin the good nature of the eartH, and as planetary need. To convince, and sto-P polluting munitions, as well as un-Shielded depletely-238 isotopes de[leted, butt-Holds, the Pentagons used hydro-Carbons “galore”, too. NSDU-238 is coming on here. The fullest extent is know, one thing. The ionizing isotopes are in need of measuring “aLL over tHa world’s surfaces". That a parAsite-Wasp larvae will do more than justice—even at this late event! Compare this redolence.
For peace is not a lost “hegemony”?
cAiRo as run-
ning from the hawks
the-Deserts of hikes into that capitol: almost internationalized, peace-Vicinity, or urBan dwelling for the homeless! How little greenery. The rights of women was that they are pert, and socializing w them, needed those 21,000 m-iles to get there. Morosely foot travel is not s fast as drivel lacking consciousness gooks of the gookdoms. Swell !          
 Many people in brains primary dysfunctionalism. Also not a philosophy or rather a better philosophy—toward anti-War. Then, continuing to oiEL the grease-Necessitating —gears. Democracy as I was known, was, very energyzing. My strength shone thru. I had the whole of tAHrir square to myself, as not a democratic-US single-party system, but a citizen on the course in maitaiNIng the study against plutocracy!
ACTually, I was being shown the memory of my previous peAce-Diplomat meetings. These are the stories. Need I ask to mention. Then-some… doldrums, as there ought to be a naked alter-Ego for gRiTeeVee hostess—takes time to make cicivlry [discivilry].. however the cavalier acts, those ways of humanity and not always suppositions “fact”? Okay. That proceeding or that next plateau of totally transgressed humanity from 50-60-70 % differences—as least? The understanding of political dissonance is acceptable or non-acceptable…the killing by state-Paid and dictator brutalist reg-Gim-ee !!  
Returning frOm Lebanon, thru Israel and then gAza post West Banke … and that post how was I not to be discursively needing to know how to stow, the storage, or the continuation of a whole aSia-tO-mIddLe-eASt trek, too! Two current heads-of-State—Irans and Afghanistanis. Then theirs is a history, that’s apparency is speakable, yet combines empathy of themselves in our sharing. We were people, and no-nonsense on our educational adjudGments? Thirty years ago. There were international “antI-Nuclear” people. Those w [wjhpom…] whom we met on the cRoSsrOadS of the middle-East—before …before the horribilus-Rex usages of NSDU-238. What then is your opinion is sacerdotal. The ruination of space-Time has not only, merely happened. Losing the mind on how our lives were must be, known, renown and history understood, which tales are not presciences. That is why we have peace in our minds, but “share”!
Compliant to those professional ways. The “Ism” term is for historical fact of philosophy as human and humane structure. Thus, plotical [Political]  “parties” not parodies is politics! The happening-of-Democracy is harder than ever to capture in photo-Journalist array! This makes for that which may be an even more soilation twist. The chemical analysis is in. Chemical clean-Ups this earth. Measure oxygen as the greenery-Gr0ws, to be rid thEse smogs… harder than bringing to bare the new-Rome, all those discivilries. Compare.
Aljazeera-English and HuffinGton Post bought, the dichotomy or the drama of investments, as investment bankers pickeD those like Ohh-Bom-bAh ? A harder act to follow could they spare us the Oligarchs scene…
In sympathy for this report from CaIro, the middle-East is my story for incitement in peacE was protesting for democracy. When was that?
tools of the UP-risings, the books as expansionist-Globalism, to reach more others than where I started —for sure. . .

            luv from peace-Warrior, a.k.a peace-Diplomat
                                                                            “R” Addison
p.s. Encarta dict. phoneme n. …a speech sound thaaat distinguishes one word from another, for example, the sounds “d” and “T” in the words “bid” and “bit”. A phoneme is the smallest phonetic unit/
next dictionary-Def–phoneme, noun.
         1. (Linguistics.) one of a group of distinctive sounds that make up the words of a language; the smallest significant unit of speech in a language. The words cat and bat are distinguished by their initial phonemes /k/ and /b/. A phoneme comprises several slightly different sounds (allophones) the differences between which are not meaningful. The in pit and the in ship, though differing slightly in pronunciation, belong to the one phoneme /p/.

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