Our Future: Table of Contents



Part One: The Problem

1. Crazy Patterns

Many Sided Lives

The Ties That Bind 1: Institutions

The Ties That Bind 2: Beliefs

Understanding Requires Multiple Entwined Angles

2. Refining Four Views

Feminism, Anti Racism, & Anarchism

Anti Capitalism

Two Class Theory Misses the Point

Changing Labels Isn’t Enough
Three Classes and Classlessness


3. Society and History

Society Snapshot

Past History

Perceiving “Accommodation” Among Viewing Angles

Highlighting “Co-Reproduction” Among Viewing Angles 

Future History

Flowing Into the Future
Changing the Future

4. Case Studies





Law & Order

Pop Culture


Affirmative Action


Day Care

Gay Marriage

Global Warming

Resource Depletion




The Sixties


5. Participatory Theory

Obscure Theory Obstructs Use 

Congenial Theory Facilitates Use

What Is Sectarianism

Mental and Personal Flexibility 

Personally Participatory

Collectively Participatory

Organizationally & Institutionally Participatory

Part Two: The Solution

6. Negativity Won’t Pull You Through

Vision Counters Cynicism

Vision Informs Understanding

Vision Guides Practice

Methods for Envisioning 

Values for Life

Institutions that Enliven 

7. Beyond Socialism Is Parecon 

8. Self Management Implies Parpolity

9. Via Feminism to Parkinship

10. Through Nationalism To Parculture

11. Sustainability Plus Yields Participatory Ecology

12. Peace With Justice Is Internationalism

13. Vision Sustains and Informs Participatory Revolution

Part Three: Strategy and Program

14. Strategy Is Central

No Strategy Means No Victory

Inflexible Strategy Means No Victory  

Sensible Strategy Permits Victory

Brilliant Strategy Ensures Victory

15. Strategic Issues

Reform Can Be Strategic

Reject Reform Means No Victory

Advocate Reformism Also Means No Victory

Non Reformist Reform Contributes To Victory

The Numbers Game 

Without Outreach, Nothing

Without Stickiness Not Much

Yet, Better Fewer, But Better

Race / Gender / Class

Meeting Our Own Needs

Power Priorities

Power Corrupts

Weakness Debilitates

Worthy Power Empowers

The Movement & Government

Building As We Go

Growing and Empowering Us

Attaining Equity

Developing Solidarity

Embodying Diversity

Attaining Self Management

No Organization, No Victory

Why Organization

What To Avoid 

What To Attain


16. Tactics Are Transient   


Violence Begets Defeat

Too Much Pacifism?

Consensus Sometimes

Cyber This But Not That 

Face To Face This and That

Demonstrations Can Win

Demonstrations Can Lose

Seeds of the Future in the Present 

Evaluating Actions

Tactics Are Transient


17. Still More Strategic Issues


Winning Is Not Everything

Losing Is Not Nothing

Do Not Steal Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Claim No Easy Victories

You Lose, You Lose, You Lose, You Win

Developing Virtues 

Building Institutions

Patience Is Necessary 

Audacity Is Essential

We Can Win, Thus We Try

Fighting on the Side of the Angels Is Suicidal

Looking in the Mirror Is Preening

Fighting the Good Fight Is Surrendering

Apocalyptic Politics Loses

Envisioning Victory Is A Fine Approach

18. What Else Can You Show Me? Program!






International Relations

19. Roads Ahead

An Electoral Path

An Insurrectionary Path

A Mixed Path

Some Other Path

Organization For All Cases?

Part Four: Conclusions

20. Rebutting Refutations

21. The Logic of Revolution

We Are Minimalist
We Are Maximalist
Minimalist Maximalism



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