Our Idiot Politicians

Our Idiot Politicians

Our Idiot Foreign Secretary
William Hague
deliberately lied to EU foreign ministers
on Monday 21 February 2011
telling them that Muammar Ghaddafi
had fled Libya and gone to Venezuela.
Why would idiot Hague do this
other than to smear Hugo Chavez
and the Bolivarian Revolution?
Thatcherite Idiot ex-Foreign Secretary
Malcolm Rifkind
picked up on this theme in a
BBC Radio 4 interview in which
he disgracefully equated Chavez with Ghaddafi
stating that ‘one dictator looks after another’
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has been criticised
by Venezuelan officials for suggesting Libyan leader
Colonel Gaddafi was en route to their country.
Venezuela says Hague's Gaddafi comments 'irresponsible'
Meanwhile, our Idiot Prime Minister
David Cameron
makes a PR stopover in
‘newly liberated’ Egypt as though
he played some part in the liberation.
Next in line, a Freedom Speech
in non-liberated, not-going-to-be-liberated
Kuwait. And who is accompanying
our glorious leader on the freedom trail?
Yes, British arms dealers, the scum of the earth,
en-route to an arms fair in non-liberated
not-going-to-be-liberated Abu Dhabi.
British values at their best:
lies, deceit, smugness and weapon sales.
David Cameron faced charges of hypocrisy last night
after he arrived for a tour of the Gulf with some senior
figures from the defence industry.
(Independent, 22 February 2011)
Cameron attacked for Egypt visit with defence sales team in tow 

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