Noam Chomsky: Costa Rican Democracy & CAFTA

Why did the US tolerate Costa Rican democracy, even social democracy, a pattern so radically different from the rest of the region? It’s a question that interested me a great deal in the 1980s, in the context of the US wars in Central America, and the serious pressures on Costa Rica to adhere more closely Read more…

David Peterson: A Conspiracy So Immense II

Following his appearance this morning before the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, the British Respect Party’s George Galloway was interviewed on the Cable News Network. CNN, incidentally, also televised parts of Galloway’s appearance “live”—interspersed with a story about a commercial airliner enroute from Italy to Boston’s Logan Airport, but diverted to Bangor, Maine, after Read more…

David Peterson: XXX

This blog is a mistake. Sorry about that. Honestly, I never meant to post it.—Though since some of

Paul Street: “They Want Us To Die”

How bad is it in the United States, the leading homeland and headquarters of global Empire and Inequality? For a small part of the answer, check out the two short items I have pasted in below (including intervening commentary in the second piece). Story number one (from National Public Radio) relates one interesting way that Read more…

David Peterson: A Conspiracy So Immense I

Among the legacies of that slice of American history known as the McCarthy Era—mistakenly known as, I should add, because although the Wisconsin Senator after whom the “era” takes its name has long since departed from the political stage, the use of the state’s prosecutorial and investigative powers to harass, to discipline and punish, and Read more…

Paul Street: Slightly Revised Reflections on History, Impeachment, “Safety Net Nation,” Chomsky and Cheese

Some semi-random notes and reflections that may or may not deserve extensive comment. First (first things first), the piece on Why Study History that I blogged for two hours (and then took down because I found out it was in fact a forthcoming publication) a couple of weeks ago is now an article in Black Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Academic Freedom & and Systems of Power

Take Latin American studies. There’s a professional association (LASA) and many outstanding specialists. In the 1980s, Central America, particularly Nicaragua, was the Big Story. After all, we even had a National Emergency called by the brave cowboy Leader hiding in the White House in panic because the Nicaraguan army was only two days driving time Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Privatization of Services, the “Free Market” & Democracy

Privatization of “services” (water for example) is both for corporate profit and for undermining democracy. In both cases, virtually by definition. Thus such privatization removes matters of crucial public concern from the public arena, where the public can in principle play a role (and sometimes does), to private tyrannies from which the public is in Read more…

: Matricidal Tendencies

Lucinda Marshall @2005 Mother’s Day and its avalanche of flowers, cards and candy will soon be upon us. For 24 short hours, motherhood will be placed upon its annual pedestal and showered with a frenzy of Madison Avenue induced platitudes, making it all too easy to forget that every year more than 500,000 women die Read more…

: The Challenges of Motherhood

I’ve got a longer piece coming out on Sunday for Mother’s Day, but just to get you in the mood: This week in the retail run-up to Mother’s Day here in the United States, I’ve been particularly aware of stories about Mom’s in the news. I cannot believe it has taken this many years for Read more…

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