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"Upon seeing one of the staff members, Wesam Ahmad, equipped with a camera, plain-clothed General Intelligence officers accosted him and knocked the camera from his hand," stated Al-Haq. "After retrieving the camera and asking why he was being prevented from taking any pictures, Mr. Ahmed was surrounded by approximately 10 members of the GI. They grabbed him around the neck and head while holding his arms, stripping the camera from him. During the attack, another Al-Haq staff member, Ms. Nina Atallah, who tried to intervene to assist her colleague, was injured and had to be taken to hospital. … It emerged, after asking policemen on the scene, that Al-Haq’s camera had been confiscated by the GI. Equipment and footage from journalists on the scene were also confiscated during the incident."

This is the democracy Zionism wants the Palestinians to choose. Even against their will.

Al-Haq, whose offices are located next to the Protestant church where the meeting was held, stated in a press release that some of its staff members attempted to document the events and were subsequently attacked by the PA forces.

One should be wary that the puppet regime doesn’t accuse the organisers of being Hamas-supporting Evangelical Christians!


Khaled Meshaal: "I call for adopting an alternative national Palestinian strategy based on the reinforcement of the choice of resistance, owning the points of strength, varying the choices, committing to the national rights, rebuilding the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and uniting our people and nation."

Maybe it’s time for the people to choose a new leadership, outside the parties. A ‘common leadership’ perhaps. Maybe it’s time for the people of occupied Palestine to enact democracy themselves. They could truly become the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ !


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