Parecomic funding success

The funding drive for Parecomic has now finished – and we were successful in passing the magick $8000 target figure!

It's been a real roller coaster ride over the last 60 days. The funding was on target, and then got a lot behind, but then we were lucky, as two well-off left wingers put in $1000 each. The announcements here on Znet and IOPS made a big difference, as about half of the amount pledged came from Znet and IOPS folk.

Apart from the actual money the general support level has been very high. And the promo value for the Parecomic book is considerable.  We've had lots of encouraging and supportive words, and done several interviews in good comic book places and radical web sites and magazines. We've also had the firm backing of Michael Albert himself.

So, it's been well worth doing it. Thank you all very much for supporting Parecomic!

Sean and Carl.

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