Parecomic – graphic novel about Michael Albert’s ideas

Hi all  – I'm a professional comic book writer, which the more enlightened amongst you will know is no longer a medium for kids only. The modern graphic novel phenomena has, since the 1980's, brought us many comic books of great maturity and sophistication, in both story content and art style. So, now we are working on a 200 page graphic novel, which we are calling:


It's being published by Seven Stories Press, the same NY publisher who put out Michael's REMEMBERING TOMORROW. It's written by myself, with the close help and permission of Michael Albert. Art is by an excellent young American artist, Carl Thompson. In my script writing I'm up to page 149 out of the 200 pages of the book so far, and we have the first artwork done by Carl. So we thought that now was a good time to let you all at Znet know about this upcoming book. I intend to make posts here from time to time, about our progress on the book.

Best wishes to all,
Sean Michael Wilson

You can see the first 4 pages up at my blog:

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