Parecomic Kickstarter drive – only 13 days to go.

The PARECOMIC kickstarter funding drive has given us a lot of encouragement – we've had lots of nice support about our plan of going into the ideas of parecon and Michael Albert's life in graphic novel format. We've had several good mentions and interviews, such as in Carl's local newspaper, the industry magazine Publishers Weekly and hundred's of people noting it on their blogs, facebook and web sites… great stuff.

Still, as to the actual money into the fund, we are behind now – and if we dont make the FULL target amount in the time limit alloted then the creators get nothing at all, it's all cancelled (that is kickstarter's rule) . There are just 13 days left now.

So please give something to the book today if you can. Maybe at the $40 button maybe (thats the level that also gets you the book as one of the rewards for the support) . More if you can afford it.  The money is only a PLEDGE at first, it does not get taken out of your account now, its taken out at the end of the funding drive – and only if the total target money is made. To pledge you just select an amount from the choices on the right side, and it processes it via amazon:



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