Parecon Sweden and PPS-UK at Stockholm Socialist Forum

On November 19ththe yearly Socialist Forum took place in Stockholm. This year’s event constituted the 10 year anniversary of the forum with more than 100 talks, seminars and workshops during the day. Parecon Sweden hosted two seminars together with invited representatives from PPS-UK, Mark Evans and Jason Chrysostomou. Mark gave an introduction to Parecon in a seminar entitled “Thinking about Classlessness: an introduction to Participatory Economics” and Jason presented the new international organization IOPS in the seminar “IOPS – a new revolutionary organization for the 21stcentury”.  Both seminars were attended by approximately 60 people, way over expectations and judging by the following questions and discussions, the seminars were much appreciated. The seminars were filmed and the idea is to put out two films (one for each seminar) on Youtube with links on  Parecon Swedens webpage (www.parecon.se) if it will be possible to edit the footage into something presentable. Also, as a result of the interest shown at the seminars, a study circle based on the book Parecon: Life after capitalism is planned for spring 2012 in Stockholm. If anyone reading this is interested in participating in that or interested in discussing Parecon in Sweden in general or becoming a member of Parecon Sweden don’t hesitate to contact us at info@parecon.se. A special invitation goes out to our Scandinavian neighbors in Norway and Denmark. (Finland already has a very well functioning Parecon group that we cooperate with). Parecon Sweden (and I think also Parecon Finland) is very much interested in getting in contact with people in Norway and Denmark that are interested in Parecon  and in a Scandinavian cooperation.

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