I am happy to announce that Parecon-Sweden/PPS-Sweden was formally created on September 6th.
Our first priority is to create a new swedish Pareconwebsite. There is an existing swedish website but this site has not been updated since year 2000. The work with the new Pareconwebsite has started but has advanced slowly this far. We hope this will change with a better focus from now on.
Once a website is in place we will start the work with making the Pareconmodel more visible through talks, seminars at different meetings/forums and the printing and distribution of leaflets and activities to recruit members/supporters to Parecon-Sweden/PPS-Sweden.
Once we are up and running we will be very interested in any type of interaction with sisterorganizations in Europe (and other parts of the world for that matter). Maybe we can arrange a meeting of some sort to exchange experiences and information.
Anders Sandström
Parecon Sweden/PPS-Sweden 

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