Parecon – Sweden update

Parecon – Sverige launched the website www.parecon.se this Monday the 27th of November.  A flyer introducing Parecon – Sverige and the Parecon model has been printed and will be distributed.  Furthermore, we are planning a PARECON study seminar with five, two hour meetings for next spring (2011) and we hope we will be able to represent Parecon at socialist forums around Sweden in year 2011.
In the flyer and in our website we stress our connection with the IOPS and the international efforts to create movements for a participatory society. We will try to direct any interest in the Parecon model that we hope to create towards IOPS and ZCommunication. We are looking forward to working together with European and worldwide Parecon organizations in the years to come.
The website will be a work in progress for still some time to come but we hope by launching it we will attract people interested in the model who will be willing to work with us and help us create texts and other material for the website.
Anders Sandström 

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