Peace Activists Stage Dramatic Easter ‘Die-In’ at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral to Protest Anniversary of Iraq War

March 23 – Six members of the anti-war group “Catholic Schoolgirls Against The War” staged a dramatic die-in during the 11AM Easter mass at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago’s most prominent Catholic parish – and the home of one of the nation’s most conservative church leaders, Cardinal Francis George.

The action was staged in the Gold Coast cathedral’s parish center, an auditorium where mass is being said while the main cathedral undergoes renovation. Easter services at Holy Name are traditionally one of the most heavily attended masses of the year, and this mass was no exception, with people packed wall to wall for today’s Easter morning holiday service.

The group of young men and women, dressed in their Easter best, sat through the 11AM mass until George reached the homily. A few seconds into the cardinal’s main holiday message, the protesters rose from

their seats, turned to address the hundreds of parishioners in the auditorium, and talked about the continuing death of both Iraqis and Americans in Iraq as the war enters its sixth year. The group also decried George’s January 7 meeting with Mayor Daley and President Bush — and his failure to publicly raise opposition with Bush against the war.

The police have slapped the six peace activists with both felony and misdemeanor charges , and supporters are working to raise bail funds for what is anticipated to be significant bond for each arrestee. They’ve also denied one arrestee access to his medication.  Read more: chicago.indymedia.org/feature/display/70337/index.php

Five of the six are being held on $25,000 bond; the sixth and lone African-American is being held on $35,000 bond.

Donations are urgently needed.


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