Peace in Ukraine through neutrality and peaceful EU membership, end the USA’s proxy war against Russia

Ethnic division was used to consolidate control by the USA and Nationalists of Ukraine. They have signed Minsk Peace Accords to end the civil wars in Donbas region through referendums, signed since 2015, but they did not implement them, because maintaining an active civil war front psyche of ‘them and us’ has helped to deepen central Ukrainian people’s divide from all things Russian and hold them desperate, feeling in need of support for the seeming strength of militarised Nationalists, the nationalists need war to gain support, their actual economic policy was to immediately half public sector wages upon taking power, a capitulation the IMF demanded as conditions for their loans. The ousted president had decided he would not agree to cut public sector wages in half. Ukraine’s income inequality is currently the highest in the world as well as Egypt. Belarus is still maintaining the social harmony of one of the lowest income inequalities in world, Russia’s income inequality is quite high similar to the USA’s.

Immediately on taking power the USA backed nationalists also repealed the Mutual Respect for Ukraine’s Ethnic Languages Law and began instating mono ethnic language law. Ukrainian to be the only language in public schools, public facilities and government workings, in public news media and entertainment, this became full law in 2019. This naturally scares Ukraine’s large mix of ethnic groups, Hungarian and Romanians also complained internationally about it, but it is specifically implied as a no to all things Russian. It further entrenches the civil wars instead of dissolving them, it further works to create this USA proxy war using Ukraine Nationalists and helpless population of Ukraine in a totally destructive and unnecessary proxy war against Russia, as the CIA trainers and strategists called and now even vengeful pride of Hillary Clinton openly calls a proxy war ‘To make Russia Bleed’.

I believe there should be no imperial powers and all peoples and nations must progress to realise working together through reborn recommitted real United Nations facility of international laws and arbitration to create good mutual agreements of our practical co operations to better protect and develop our global shared civilisation, with universal not politicised human rights and courts of law all powers mutually abide and commit to, environmental climate and species protection and peaceful resolution of disputes now and into our future together.

But yes, the reality of our world now is there are real and active imperial superpowers and Ukraine joining USA NATO military alliance would mean their anti nuke missiles installed in Ukraine and able to shoot down Russia’s Nukes, making Russia’s huge, as it sees it, nuke deterrent obsolete. USA knew Russia would ultimately absolutely not allow this to occur. It becomes sadly like Chess moves, once Ukraine was enough of a ‘special NATO partner’ then Russia would be unable to attack this threat to its nuke power without directly starting war with USA NATO, so after being ignored in their repeated clear requests for No Ukraine NATO alliance to hobble their nuke deterrent power, they made this terrible actual invasion. The USA knew Russia ultimately would make this move, because they know they would do it too, if shoe was on the other foot. USA would never tolerate their nuke missiles been made obsolete by a rival imperial powers client state on its border. I do not support the existence of any imperial power, but denying they are a reality and that they will react by whatever means they see as necessary to protect their power of nuke offensive deterrent is just a deliberate negligence, that has gotten Ukrainian people invaded and in a proxy war for USA against Russia. Ukraine can be removed from the line of fire, by as soon as possible agreeing neutrality from NATO, to protect its sovereignty from the boards of any imperial power.

Peaceful membership of European Union could be a way to help rebuild Ukraine and prosper again. European Union should request the Nationalists repeal their divisive mono ethnic language laws and reinstate the previous mutual respect for Ukraine’s ethnic language laws. The civil wars would also need to be resolved for membership. Perhaps it is too late for Minsk peace accords agreement on the vote for their autonomy, but international run referendums could be facilitated for people in this region for their choice of futures, independence or autonomy? The hypocritical USA imperial tool of sanctions should end, USA has had many invasions against people and sovereignties and murdered millions, but like apartheid Israel it supports, it has never faced any moral economic sanctions at all, selective law has no integrity, it is just a tool for one side to further attack another.

I hope there will be peace, we must demand and ask who wants peace, and who is just trying to maintain a war that suits them. I agree if USA wanted peace they would of known to agree neutrality for Ukraine before it absolutely escalated to invasion. But conditions for a mutual peace through neutrality is readily available to agree between Russia and Ukraine negotiators, so there can and must be peace and support for peace now in our consciousness. After the agreed end of this misbegotten and unnecessary war between previously peaceful people’s and neighbours. Russia and its power and people should now be included again in a recommitment to international co operation and mutual agreements in the Global facility of a real United Nations. Dividing the world into isolated power blocks will inevitably lead to wars and a lack of the most urgent and necessary practical international co operation and sensible agreements our global civilisations must make to protect human rights and all our life on earth in practical balance, with all our voices, for love and justice.

Our international journalism needs to reascend itself, I hope it can, we must each seek more than these mass corporate ‘tragic lanterns’ of partisan propaganda, in their hopeless and stifling disrespectful indoctrination and manufacturing of our consent in support of whatever power group’s supremacy over another and over the natural interests and agency of all our lives.

Love to the people of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

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