Peevish Peckerhead Peter Peterson

I’ve been on an alliteration roll lately. Why not spice up sometimes-dry news and analysis with terrible tabloid titles? It’s kinda fun.

In short, proposals to cut Social Security in the near future effectively take away benefits for which workers have already paid through their taxes. This amounts to a second hit on this group of workers. The same people whose incompetent  management of the economy cost many of these workers their jobs and much of their life savings, are now trying to take away the Social Security benefits they will need to survive in retirement. These workers have every right to be furious at the people designing these policies.

Having an individual with a name to be furious with helps you focus. There are a couple good article on this nut job investor, Peter Peterson. I only found one just now.

"…Peterson has spent much of the last two decades trying to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other benefits for the elderly. He recently contributed a billion dollars to a foundation bearing his name that is primarily committed to this goal. Peterson’s investment has paid off both in exposure from the media and, more importantly, attention from many members of Congress and their staffers. There are now dozens of senators, members of Congress and staffers running all around Capitol Hill crafting creative new ways to cut Social Security. Baby boomers are right to fear that Peterson and his crew will take away their benefits…"

I’m sure there are more catchy phrases to keep this nasty individual associated with his sneaky manueverings. "Peter Peterson Pecks Peckerstuff".. Even more graphic P-wordings come time mind…

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