Personal ZedShed Text Box Dragging

I was trying to figure out the editor for text boxes. It’s a nice, relatively quick and easy feature that allows you to feature text on your personal ZSpace. But the Zed Shed has a ‘position’ box that demands a number, but leaves me clueless about how to use it. My first box I numbered ’10’ and the second box was numbered ’20’. 20 appeared below 10 but that doesn’t mean that’s what made it so. If it’s on ZVidTutorials then I won’t see them since dialup makes it near impossible to get the video.

So, when I checked on the updated personal ZSpace I also noted I could drag the boxes. The text might disappear, but I discovered there was a useful dragging ability for organizing the boxes. And on a refresh of the screen any disappeared text appeared normally. I like it a lot!  And as things get smoother and updated it’s clearly going to get better.

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