[Petition to US Attorneys against Muslim Ban] Please consider signing

Dear Fellow American People of a good heart,

As you are aware, the Donald J Trump via his racist advisors Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are attempting to turn the clock of history back, by banning people from seven muslim majority countries.

This executive order while couched in the rhetoric of national security, is clearly aimed at targeting people of a particular religious faith. This is a serious violation of the US Constitution and due process.

Thankfully, this has triggered a massive opposition from you, the American people. You have thronged airports, and roads, to let the world know you stand against this illegal order. And then people of integrity like former Attorney General Sally Yates, heard your voice. She stood up against this illegal order and ordered the DOJ attorneys not to defend this illegal ban. Her position now has the support of various judges who have also ruled against this shameful executive order.

Now, you can join activists from around the world including well known American writer Noam Chomsky, in signing this petition to demand all the concerned US attorneys that they should follow the lead of former Attorney General Sally Yates and refuse to defend this unconstitutional executive order in courts.

This petition will be delivered via express mail to all the US attorneys in 4 states of Washington, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Virginia to demand that they demonstrate the same honesty, integrity and allegiance to the US Constitution and refuse to defend this executive order in court.

Please sign and help spread the word on social media/email:


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