Plain View Press Progressive and Feminist

           Plain View Press out of Austin, Texas has been around almost 40 years. It describes itself as an “issue based literary publishing house.” It is, in fact, a progressive and feminist press that has published about 350 titles over the decades from both domestic and international writers.
            Recent popular titles have included Layla by Celine Keating, a book selected by both Poets and Writers and the Huffington Post as a must-read book.
            I have always loved their vivid and colorful book covers and have to confess I bought a number of them over the years in complete defiance of the adage not to judge books in that manner.
            No brief description of the press can avoid mentioning the indomitable Susan Bright, both poet and publisher. Although Susan has passed on at a too-early age to the next world, she has left her poems, and a vibrant press and author community behind as a legacy to us all. 
            Do yourself a favor and check out Plain View Press at www.plainviewpress.net.
            In the name of transparency I am proud to find myself amongst the ranks of Plain View Press authors.

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