Poll Outreach: How to Avoid the Email Trash Bin

As we promote the poll for the new political organization, it would be a good idea to share what approaches seem to work well. I have a suggestion for sending emails to friends and acquaintances.

My guess is that mass emails with commands —  like "Take Poll on Participatory Political Organization" — will get tossed immediately in the trash by many people, particularly those who are easily putt-off by the intensity of political activists (probably a big chunk). To mitigate this obstacle, I've been sending out emails to individuals (not mass emails) simply asking what he/she thinks about the organizational concept.  I've received responses by almost everyone so far — all positive — after which I then ask for them to take the poll and pass it along to others.

Clearly, the problem with any type of outreach campaign is that success is not easy to gauge. But given my reply rate, I'd say posing a direct question, catered to the individual's own particular political interests or endeavors (or lack thereof), is a more effective email outreach method than sending out mass emails asking people to simply to take the poll.

Any thoughts or other suggestions?

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