‘Populism’ is a deliberately meaningless term

Use of the term ‘Populism’ is a deliberately vague misdiagnosis of our world’s problems. It lumps all change that might threaten the status quo as the same chaos, the danger of populism. Every politician must be elected by popular vote, so to diagnose some as populist is meaningless. It is to spook the very idea of popular democratic politics and our participation in it. Martin Luther King was popular, was he a populist, does that describe his words well? Hitler was popular to, where they similar?

We each are born in conscience to pick, to struggle, question and reflect our love! Should we just ignore politicians we agree with and vote like obedient children for those in the ‘status quo? Those who presume to be our ‘centre’ yet prescribe public austerity, using public relations strategies and divisive spin to re frame and postpone their constant stuck record of crises in health, housing and all the other plague of results that underfunding society by favouring the international globe trotting corporate wealth creates.

We need to listen to good ideas and vote for progressive practical change that supports society and can truly heal our problems. We need to support international agreements that can globally raise the wages and taxes and binding regulations on corporations or we will continue to suffer the public austerity and this chaotic race to the bottom, created by nations separately competing to lower their society’s in order to attract and please these corporate interests.

Lets just describe each politician and party by their words, policies and actions and the results of them evidenced in peoples lives. To judge politicians and each other by ‘the content of our characters’ as Martin Luther King so wise, brave and beautiful once said to us. There are excellent specific words to describe the bad politics that promote unfair prejudices as a means to gaining power and then enriching themselves, there’s no need to demonise we the people and popular democratic change itself! Calling the problem ‘Populism’  is an incredibly insidious attempt to also slander the vital progressive democracy we need to now realise and wake up to. If we fear healthy protest, seeing people only as an errant mob monster naturally in need of silencing and control and we try go back to sleep from reason and good popular vision, it is an irresponsible, infantile and stupid mistake to make.

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