PPS-Sweden in progress

A swedish PPS project in progress

First of all, good luck to Paulo Rodriguez with your Belgian PPS project.

Time has come also for me to make a serious attempt to start a Swedish PPS-Project. As in the case with Paulo Rodriguez in Belgium I have been thinking about this for some time. Early on I made a few unsuccessful attempts to find the person behind the existing Swedish Parecon site, a site that hasn’t been updated since year 2000. I was not able to find this person. However, I have finally found some people interested in helping with the creation of a new website and in addition, some potential financing has emerged. Also, during spring I have been doing talks about Parecon at some gatherings and in the process I have noticed that there is a potential interest in participating in a Parecongroup.
So, therefore it is now time to make a serious effort. The plan is to have a Swedish Parecon group with a working website up and running this fall. The set-up and purpose of the group will be similar to already existing projects elsewhere. The main purpose at the start will be to spread information and knowledge about Parsoc/Parecon through different activities such as participation at socialist forums, giving talks at various other events, arrange study circles for people wanting to learn more/discuss the model, and of course the creation and maintenance of a website. At some point in the future the group will hopefully also function as a support group for workplaces that want to implement various parts of the pareconmodel .
Any recommendation and/or suggestion from people who have experience from similar PPS projects are welcome.
Also, anyone reading this that lives in Sweden or in the Nordic countries (maybe the group should be PPS-Scandinavia?) that wants to participate in this project, has ideas about the project or wants to know more are welcome to contact me directly via mail anders.sandstrom2@spray.se.
Anders Sandström

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