PPS-UK: National Campaign / Initial Demands?

What might be the initial set of demands for a PPS-UK National campaign?

In preparation for the forth coming new international organisation – of which PPS-UK will be a National branch (perhaps renamed OPS-UK)  – I would like to make the following proposal in answer to the above question –

>    Full employment.  
>    Redesign jobs for equality of empowerment and desirability.  
>    Shorter working week.
>    Prioritise socially valuable work.  

Basically the proposal is arguing that the quantity of work should be shared out equally and the quality of work should be shared out equally.  Plus by prioritising socially valuable work we get to work less whilst rebuilding our public services.  An additional consequence of the proposal is that, as we moved towards full employment and redesigned jobs, we would also see a transition towards more equal remuneration. 

I think the above is quite difficult to argue against without sounding unfair and could prove very popular with the general public.  

However there is a serious economic bias to this proposal.  To help overcome this bias we would also need to develop a set of initial demands for the other areas of society that complement each other. 

So to initiate a debate in the run up to the launch of the new international organisation I would like to hear –

>    what people think of the above proposal?

>    what alternative proposals people have for initial demands for the economy?

>    what suggestions for initial demands people have for other areas of society – politics, community, kinship, international relations, ecology?

>    what takers of the Z Poll in other parts of the world have in mind? 

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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