Prachanda – CA Deadlock to End Soon

Pushpa Kamal Dahal told journalists on Saturday, July 4, 2009, that he was hopeful that the ongoing political deadlock will see an end on Sunday July 05, 2009.

The Maoists’ Party leaders and the UML Leaders continued their meeting that began a day earlier, to find suitable political measures to unlock the Constituent Assembly deadlock.

“I am hopeful that there will be an ice-break on Sunday”, said the Maoists’ Chairman Dahal adding the meeting concluded in a positive note today.

However, the UML leaders in the meeting out-rightly rejected the Maoists proposal for Constitution amendment to clearly specify the roles of the Prime Minster and the President.

“We want role of the President and Prime Minister clearly defined because we want no future conflict”, said Dahal.

Sources disclose that the two sides virtually agreed that the Prime Minister in his speech at the Constituent Assembly will not mention the unconstitutional move of the President to reinstate Rukmangad Katawal but will informally hold discussion with all parties represented in the CA over the same issue.

The UML leaders maintained that the Nepali Congress leaders must also be made aware of the fresh agreement between the UML and the Maoist party thus the UML will hold a meeting with the NC first.

Earlier, the Maoists had maintained that the Prime Minister must mention the issue of President’s unconstitutional move in his CA speech but the NC tooth and nail rejected the Maoists’ proposal.

It is also reported that the UML also rejected the Maoists’ offer for Constitution Amendment forwarding the claim that further amendments in the Interim Constitution will only affect the Constitution Drafting process.

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