Problems Uploading Book Reviews?

Just wondering if anyone else is having difficulties uploading book reviews?  I tried creating a "new book" entry for Bonita Lawrence's book "Real" Indians and Others (UBC Press, 2004).  I noticed that another ZNet member had created a partial entry for this title, but it was incomplete (had no cover image, for example), and more importantly, it implied that the user was the author of the title, rather than Lawrence.  So I figured I would create an alternate complete entry for the book, and then review it myself.

I created the new entry, then clicked on the "Review this Book" button on the book page I had created.

However, the review itself seems to have been sucked through the data base somehow and is attaching itself to the earlier, incomplete book page.  This has two consequences, it seems to me.  One, it suggests the title was written by the ZNet user in question.  Two, it seems to relegate my book review to a temporal past.  It's as if I posted the review in 2009, rather than this week — so the review doesn't seem to show up either on my ZSpace page as "recent content", nor in any general locations where Z members might see it.  

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced such technical problems?  Or if this is a unique glitch to book entries / reviews that have had multiple entries?  

I will try uploading a new book — one that no one else has uploaded this time — to see if I fare any better the next time round.  But perhaps someone more familiar with the system can spot an error I may have made.



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