Project for a Participatory Society – Belgium

Given my interest in ParEcon, I always wished to create such an organisation in Belgium, but due to a myriad of factors , nothing concretely happened regarding this. However, given the momentum Participatory Economics is starting to gain internationally, and the fact that such a project has been successfully started in the UK, I believe this is a perfect time to create a similar organisation in Belgium. Therefore I’d like to ask to any interested individuals or organisations in Belgium or close to it, to help organize a Project for a Participatory Society, which would act locally to:

– Increase exposure and advocacy on Participatory Economics in Belgium, and by extension Complementary Holism in universities, trade unions, and NGO’s.

– Organising activities to provide with solutions to local issues in Belgium, at first at the neighbourhood level, regarding racism, unemployment, abuse from the financial sectors, and whatever is deemed strategically feasible by its members.

– Create a forum where not only discussion on ParEcon and related topics takes place, but also an organisation where people can enjoy themselves bounding and sharing experiences, hobbies, interests and so on, to create a stronger fabric for the movement to grow.

For those interested, contacts have already been made with the PPS-UK, so we wouldn’t be starting totally from scratch. Work on a website has already started, and a web presence should be available soon.

For any interested people, feel free to contact me here, or mail me at .

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