Prominent Venezuelan Opposition blogger expresses contempt for Edward Snowden

Francisoco Toro wrote

"I can’t wait, Edward, for you to get here. Because nothing shines a light of the immense fatuousness of your Freedom Agenda-cum-#FirstWorldProblem like an evening spent watching VTV." 

Francisco Toro also wrote this recently of Snowden

 "..my contempt [for Snowden] stems from the juxtaposition of his Principled Crusader for Privacy and his cozying up to regimes who fucks with their political opponents electronic communications 5 times before breakfast. On the broader question, we’ll remain silent because, really, why would anyone care what I think about that?" 

However, no contempt expressed from Toro for Bush speach writer David Frum, with whom Toro had a friendly strategizing chat. 

Few other things worth mentioning.

The Venezuelan opposition recently obtained and widely publicized a recording of a prominent government supporter, Mario Silva, talking about corruption and divisions within government ranks. Venezuela's media – supposedly cowed by government censorship acccording to Toro – published the full recording far and wide. Copies (CDs) of the recording could be purchased on the streets of Caracas according to one resident I spoke to.

Utimas Noticias, an outlet deemed "moderate" by most observers, published a full transcript of the Mario Silva recording. 

Just an example worth noting to keep Toro's whining, and international press lying, in perspective.

To further highlight the obvious, if anyone was caught in the USA vaguely mentioning discussions about a coup in the USA with foreign officials (as Maria Corina Machado recently was in Venezuela), being spied on would be the least of their worries.



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