Psychiatrists, Local Police, Wifes, Regional Elections and Judges in Santiago de Compostela (VI)

(i) This is the Wikipedia article on the Galician Regional Elections held by the Galician Autonomous President, Alberto Nuñez Feyjoo, on March 1, 2009;  the first Regional Elections in which he was victorious. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elecciones_al_Parlamento_de_Galicia_de_2009?wprov=sfti1  in total number and percentage of votes, the opposition won, made up of Emilio Pérez Touriño and Anxo Quintana).  Since that first victory, Nuñez Feyjoo has chained 4 presidential terms (2009, 2012, 2016, 2020)

On Monday, March 2, 2009, I wrote a small blog on Znet, about it, asking why everyone took the results for granted, if there was not yet a definitive count and the results of the count in the tables, or INDRA.SYSTEMS not seemed final.

(ii)In a sheet of paper addressed to Court  of Primary Instance, Number VI (a copy of some original document, a request to the Judge, Pedro Soto Salas, wrote down in front of him by the Secretary) and dated In Santiago at March 4th, 2009, the text that follows can be read.

COMPARECENCY OF Yolanda Garcia Lopez for the Involuntary Commintment  of Fernando Santamaria Lozano.


In front of his SSa (His Honour) (I didn’t even came to see the guy, Roberto Soto Sola, she went there on her own) she manifests that she verifies the following statement in order to authorize the non-voluntary psychiatric admission regarding her husband, without providing medical documentation at this time, although it is not the first time he has been admitted for psychiatric reasons by court order, but she does not remember the court that authorized admission, and that the diagnosis is affective schizophrenia.  That he was admitted to the Provincial Hospital of Conxo and that the psychiatrist Jorge Pérez Pérez treated him.  That her husband has not been to a psychiatrist for a long time, but lately has gotten worse since he has been without medication for more than a year.  That the aforementioned FERNANDO SANTAMARIA LOZANO currently resides at the same address as the appearing party, although it is difficult to locate him, since he walks the street a lot, but he usually goes at noon and always goes to sleep.  That her husband is currently 50 years old.  After all of which this act is drafted, which after reading and agreement, is signed by the appearing party, after SSa (His Honour did) of which I attest.

(iii) On March 10, 2009 the emergency unit of the Santiago University Hospital Complex calls Dr. Costa / Seijas  (9 – 15:00).

  • Clinical motivation: no DMA (“Danish Medicine Council”?”
  • Anamnesis: DP (“Pleural Effussion”?): paranoid schizophrenia plus harmful use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.  Referred for involuntary admission to PSYCHIATRY (brings court order).
  • Physical exploration: COC (conscientious, oriented and collaborative); BEG (good general condition); AC (vascular auscultation) rhythmic, no murmurs; AP (Pulmonar Auscultation), mvc (vesicular murmur preserved); EEII (lower extremities): no edema, preserved and symmetrical pulse. NRL (Neurology), no focality.

Puls.: 100; Temperature: 36’8; TA: 141/99

16:30. PSIQUIATRIA (FDEZ LEICEAGA // MARTÍNEZ (a brother of Galician Parliament Socialidt Representative and Economist, Joaquin Fernández Leiceaga).

PERSONAL PSYCHIATRIC PRECEDENTS: several admissions to psychiatric hospitalization units, the first admission being in 2001, the last in June ECG 2006 at the Conxo Hospital;  initial diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and the last one of paranoid schizophrenia, he has not undergone psychiatric follow-up, nor has he received treatment over the last year.  Daily alcohol consumption, over the last year C > 2.5 l (unfortunately 3 or 4 lines, disturbing, but impossible to understand in nervous cursive writing) .  In recent months and, mainly, since the Regional Elections, increased suspicions, laughter, unmotivated verbal aggressiveness, continuous irritability;  and disturbs her by making her home life with his wife unpredictable, being her who requests a judicial internment, granted today (a Judicial Order).

Psychological exploration: lucid, well-oriented, cooperative. (A last few things, difficult to understand).

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