Psychiatrists, Local Police and Judges at Santiago de Compostela (v)

On 06/27/2004, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers performed in Santiago de Compostela, a few kilometers out o the city, at the facilities of Monte del Gozo, Monte do Gozo, whose name refers to the joy that the pilgrims lived in when
the cathedral of Santiago could be seen in the distance and felt that after their after all their hard effort they had reached their goal.

I was very excited, I didn’t know his music at all, and I spent the afternoon outside a great bar in the old town, speculating what the novel that Frusciante had published would be like (https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/ santiago/2020/06/26/hemeroteca-2004-red-hot-chili-peppers-triunfa-primer-gran-concierto-xacobeo/00031593201878804827485.htm)

Before going to the concert, I had to pick up a folder with some papers that I had left in the morning at the bar of some acquaintances, him, a solicologist, he had studied in Paris; she,  a psychoanalyst, quite old people. To get there, I had to go fifteen or twenty meters in a forbidden direction by the old town. When I returned to the car with the folders, a local policeman was already there. He put his hand on the hood, I explained that it had only been a few meters, that he would issue a fine, that the next day he had plane tickets to visit a Scandinavian community. He smiled and said “it was not going to be possible.” I waved goodbye to him and drove away. When I was reaching the outskirts of the city, there was a checkpoint waiting for me. Several Civil Guard cars, motorcycles, armed guards on foot. They immobilized my car and took me to the dungeons that are, next to the offices of the Local Police, on the ground floor of the Town Hall.

At 23:50 at night, the Local Police took me to a psychiatrist’s office.

The doctor’s report, with an illegible signature, states that I was “brought by the Police to perform an examination.” That I have a “history of paranoid psychiatric disorder,” and “I have been admitted twice with a diagnosis of T. Schizotypal and probable T. Bipolar.”

“At the time of the evaluation, a megalomaniac discourse of transformation of society with a querulous attitude and overinvolvement in his “crusade” to change society is appreciated.” “Given that, at the present time, there is no more information than that offered by the informant and the previous history, the plot exposed by the patient, with unity of meaning and well organized, is included within overvalued ideas in a structure schizotypal.”

“The patient does not admit his hospitalization nor does he present, in my opinion, a severe psychotic condition that completely annuls the ability to decide, in the absence of other complementary information. For which he administered outpatient treatment. Treatment: Risperdal 6mg 0-0-1; Sedotime 45mg 0-0-1”

Despite this option for an outpatient “treatment”, the Local Police of Santiago de Compostela took me back to the cells. The next morning, they forced me to hire a court-appointed lawyer, they subjected me, despite the fact that this psychiatrist, at night, had ruled my “outpatient treatment,” to a farce, where, the only thing I remember is that the alleged judge laughed at my photo on the identity card, then, pointing to the document, he said to someone who was next to him, “Of course, these guys then throw it away…,” as if I were one of those purse snatchers who they are only left with the cash content. I got a little pissed off. The court-appointed attorney assured me, terrified, that, putting myself like this, he couldn’t do anything. He did not do it. He didn’t say a single word to anyone else.

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