Psychiatrists, Local Police and Judges at Santiago de Compostela (interlude)

A  guy called José Antonio Carril denounced in 2013 the mayor of Santiago of the Popular Party who replaced Gerardo Conde Roa (for two years) Ángel Curras , on charges of harassment and prevarication. (Angel Curras, a son of a bitch who has been officially in charge of the promotion of Galician Language; his father was Minister of Education under Fraga, and the weirdest troll you may conceive). The investigation of the case of Carril uncovered  that the Chief of the Local Police, Norberto Villaverde, had been had been holding his position as interim for more than twenty years.

Carril was second “in the ranking,” but he was never taken into account for the position of “deputy chief” of the Local Police of the Santiago de Compostela’s council. Mayor Ángel Curras’s defense argued that, since Norberto Villaverde was not the holder of his position, he could not be applied the Article of the Regulations that stipulates that the “holder” must be replaced in his/her absences by the second highest-ranking agent. And the Judge accepted this  syntax.The magistrate of the Court of Instruction Number I of Santiago de Compostela, Ana Lopez Suevos.

Ok.  Jose Antonio Carril …, they made his life unbearable.  videotaped him running household errands in his squad car.  Nasty things. The case is that  Norberto Villaverde,  was finally assigned a substitute, on holidays and absences,  José Manuel Traba, but not him.

Traba has been Norberto Noriega’s substitute until 2017, the year in which he (Traba) handed his plaque. The recently inaugurated socialist mayor, Jose Antonio Sanchez Bugallo, after putting up with Villaverde (and Traba) about 30 years, the same that his predecessor, the pro-independence doctor Martiño Noriega, renewed the body of the Local Police with a police chief whom the local press calls in one and the same article some times Jose Ramón Silva and others José Ramón Dieste. His name is José Ramón Silva Dieste.

If in 2013, Norberto Villaverde had been occupying his position, as an interim, more than twenty years, that means he had been holding his position since 1993. And as Villaverde’s  replacement, José Manuel Traba, handed his plaque in 2017, and José Ramón Silva Dieste appears only in 2020, well, it seems that we have had weird outlaws guys as Chief of the Local Police in Santiago de Compostela, and substitutes, for thirty  years, since my first diagnostic in fact. (Norberto Villaverde and José Antonio Sánchez Bugallo in 2008)

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