Reaching on Movies

I’m reaching here but   couldn’t you watch Die Hard 4.0 as a apocalyptic indictment of privatizing public service, the police, electicity, transportation.

 And Harry Potter Order of the Pheonix is Pink Floyd’s _We don’t need no Education_ updated with Margaret Thatcher. 

   I’ve started working through Herbert Kohl’s _Should we Burn Babar_ and hope to use his conditions for radical literature to look at China Mieville’s _Un Lun Dun_ some day. I’m wondering if _Order of the Pheonix might come close, but it’s a shame the community is a school run by some old white guy – though the students are self-organizing. Tomdispatch.com’s Englehardt introduces Ariel Dorfman mentioning Babar too, even with the criticism he still reads it to his kids. That got him published with Tom Englehardt – funny story – helps you feel more relaxed about not being ideologically pure.

  After reading a couple of the Harry Potter books I wasn’t surprised she took the 6 million from Coke for the advertising rights. Seems like there’s a lot of instant gratification with no consequences. The food and sweets just appear and do bizarre things – nobody ends up obese or diabetic, not even a pimple from what I can remember. I don’t imagine Dumbledore is replaced by Michael Pollan and the ecoliteracy, from seed to table, people in the last book/movie.



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