Rebirth of Our United Nations Is The Eventual Way, Not the False Profit of War

You obviously can not be against this terrible war, but support it continuing. We must support the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, and encourage them to find mutual peace in an agreed neutrality/sovereignty to end this tragic and unnecessary confrontation between such close peoples. Neutrality and internationally monitored referendums in a choice of autonomy for peoples in the breakaway regions, would end the 8years civil wars and enshrine an agreement with Russia for Ukraine’s sovereignty from Russia or anyone else’s control. The false promise of joining the expansionist hostile military alliance of USA/NATO against Russia has brought this tragic confrontation. Russian and Ukrainian leadership are both coming close to mutual terms possible for a resolution and peace, but mainly USA, Britain and other pro NATO European voices and the deafening propaganda of a majority of their news media are refusing to really report, encourage or accept it. The invasion of Ukraine must not be prolonged as a battleground for any wider and ill conceived geopolitical confrontation we have been misguided to believe is now necessary. Where we weep but cheer on the killing, weaponising Ukraine to watch it die with our heads held high in shame.

The ever expanding military block of NATO is an entity that “exists to deal with the instability that its own existence creates”. Increasing arms races and dividing our one world more into isolated and alienated opposing power blocks will eventually bring more and more dangerous confrontation. We need to stop the false profit of arming ourselves against ‘enemies’ and facilitate a universal cooperation and arbitration of disputes for mutual peace and prosperity through a rebirth of our United Nations. But not as a fig leaf for an inner security council of the most powerful nations with absolute power to block through their vetoes, progress on anything that concerns them. A real working united nations can only work through the participation and commitment by all nations in using it faithfully as a practical facility to arbitrate common security and justice, to hear all voices concerned in issues relevant and then reach agreements for the purpose of solving disputes and crises through mutual understanding and practical agreements on actions to do so. All nations must commit to common universal international laws, not because they will always like it, but because by doing so others will have to also. That is the basis of civilisation and key to law. By this participation and commitment we can become a world civilisation capable of agreements and action for human rights and environmental survival of all life on earth. By laws and agreements including all nations we create common security and trust, a place to give voice and solve problems in our lives, societies and between nations and economies.

Though popular in the common sense of most ordinary people around our world, it will take public pressure to push and oblige, especially the most powerful countries to reform their participation. Hopelessness must be rejected, we need a re birth, a real committed mutual Renaissance of Our United Nations, it has always been the way.

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