Recent coup attempt in the Philippines

Jaguarito on Community Radio

Just thought I’d share something with you: I was recently interviewed on Australian community radio about Philippine politics and activism, given my recent research stint there. If you are interested, you can listen to the interview online.

Click here to access the website for RTR FM, then scroll down to find the Indymedia program that aired on Wednesday, 23rd of January. If you click on that, you’ll find me about two-fifths of the way through the show, just after the Aboriginal hip-hop track. The interview lasts for about 18 minutes.

This is how the interview was summarised by Media Monitors:

"Marco Cuevas-Hewitt, PhD Student talks about his work with Filipino radicals in their struggle for social justice. He says he is doing a PhD in Anthropology and Sociology at UWA. He says he spent six months doing field work in the Philippines researching activism in the country. He says the Philippines has a long history of left-wing activism, and is home to the longest running guerilla insurgency in the world. He says the Philippine’s problems stem from Spanish and US colonialism. Ray says there have been over 1000 political killings which can be traced back to Gloria Arroyo, Philippines Pres. He says Arroyo has never been legitimately elected and is corrupt. He says she rigged elections in 2004. She says Arroyo has introduced harsh national security laws. He says the Philippines Army has killed over 1000 left wing activists. Marie says most Filipino politicians are American puppets. Cuevas-Hewitt says the Philippines is beholden to US interests. He says they are also beholden to Japanese, Chinese and South Korean interests. He says Aust is also squeezing the Philippines. He says Aust has funded the Arroyo regime and the Austn Special Air Service is training the Filipino military in the south of the country. He says priests, journalists and activists are being systematically killed. He says the Philippines Govt has played down a UN report on political killings in the country. He talks about the New Peoples’ Army insurgency in the Philippines. He says the downfall of the Soviet Union and rampant factionalism created a split in the NPA. He says there are now nine left-wing factions in the country, many with their own guerilla organisations. He talks about a left-wing putsch which took place while he was in the country… He says the move did not have popular support. He says most people in the Philippines are tired of the military taking a role in political life. He says a non-military coup would have support in the country…"

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