reconciliation & Accountability


reconciliation & Accountability                                                                           9-06-10


The lack of reconciliation regarding the illegal, unjustified, and UN-constitutional wars of sovereign nation-states: in Iraq and in Afghanistan, have now not come to an end. Every year since 1990 these UN-declared-Wars have made the rich richer and the werking people’s pension’s less saving and more vulnerable to whimsies of Pharma and Wall Street deriva-tives and off-Shore pluralist emollience. Where is the accountability for the uses of NSDU-238[1]? There has been no “patriotism” for the american-People while the cIAS are involving themselves w anglophile-Type monopolist takeovers of markets around the globe, for this is a time, a time-Era of superlatives about the we-people, and about the “oligopoly” those who have allowed the cIAS in assuaging against the populous of the world become indebted into returning the disfavor predicated upon the no virtues of extreme radicalism capitalist-geo-politics of Expansionist “empire” ameliorations for deaths to democratically elected govern-ments, and auspice of supporting dictatorial methodology.

There has been no accounting provided to I.A.E.A. by the current, former and latter admins that have used NSDU-238 and have let a refuge of “despicable wasteland” thru illegal-Invasions by u-S Pentagons. The templates of radionuclides & chems in the invasion of those territories, where now 50,000 armed soldiers and 65,000 mercenaries reside (Iraq) as billions more dollars are interred to the oligarchic regime of “the one-Party” system, and where remiss infusions of propaganda for status-Quotient, rather than social-Responsibility of social-Justice has not yet been the accounting where human-rights abuses were allotted and when those ‘radiation” munitions were spent upon humanity? There has been a time for the Bell in extolling that criminals exist among the worser elements of these chagrins perpe-trated upon the space-Time of humanity relegated to human-Rights. That there are two forces extolling the privilege of this our space-Time in participatory-Democracy to be rid by law’s virtues, the cancers of their doings

 I hold my fellow non-Patriots and patriots responsible for their lack of dissent since 1990, or their encouragements for “reconciliation and accountability”!! If the fed-Govern-ance cannot place emphasis, funding, and human context upon killing civilians, upon end-ing massive amounts of hydrocarbon-Pollution that these “wrong fuels” pollutions apparent have been doing since 20-years ago, then at lest pay the returning soldiers to get from the military and pay the PTSD accordance that was needed before they departed. These three aspects above all should never have been deleted from the dumbfounded costs of illegal participations against the people of the World…the decaying coniferous-Forests, the deca-dence of dispersants and crude-crud into the red-Tides prone Gulf du Mejico AND the immense responses to Wikileaks (July 27th 2010 release of 72,000 conflict in Afghanistan  documentations) are some of our anti-War and anti-Nuclearist socio-Polity tenets for dwelling upon the power-mongering elites and the military-Hegemony illegalities, those neglections that they have clouded our living standards into for insouciant obsolescence, and the denigration of history for propaganda-Model!

The wars in southeast-Asia were a tip-off to the professional and management intel-lects of the needs for social-responsibility, for the needs of human-Rights the whole world over, and what were those wars doing in invasions of Laos, of Vietnam, of Cambodia, and of allowing the webs of peoples in Indonesia military practice and in Thailand of oligarchic ruling to allotments of military-Arms sales, while the covert operations of militarism in cIAS pertained to doing the worse for state-Department outreach under the laws fused to the United Nations. I’ve heard then seen what portrayals of deceits to the democratic-laws the non-abiding inconsistencies look like, while my peers ameliorate the inconsistencies w acco-lades of parrying the inharmonious to accounts of the egregious. The cIA is not an intelli-gence gathering association, but they are killers of governments and coverts of capitalist-Expansionism beyond the singular doubts of money market’s enterprises for capitalist-Cron-yism if ever the banks were in needs of surmounting the illegal practices thru reconciliation and accountability by people had been discussed among those management associations, those harbingers of unionist meetings, those nGOS votes, those consensus-Groups of anti-nuclear weapons uses and those people who not only bothered by losing loved ones in wars of empire-Expansions have not sought ego-Trippe cognitions of only despair.

The association of the u-S Pentagons to the metal of dishonor has disheveled the mind-Scape of public alacrity towards basic knowledge and the generalized compactions of optimalist tendencies is no longer in apparency nor should be! The question now that de-pression is settled against the populous remains, will “deflation” becoming apparent also become helpful in assuaging apparency. This is not a test but is a vestibule to place the crim-inals into jails of their own makings. Gutting the public-Schooling system for private (char-ter) onslaughts is not amelioration, but more of the propinquity of oligarchy-Banking. Land-ing on the Moon was not so much a challenge as an ideo-pathologic. Bailing out the airlines industry in 2002, was a connected method to maintain the indiscretions of support for invas-ions to continue cIAS discivil and governments destructive continuation. Turn the tap of despair causing the world’s people is the connection toward “peace” not heat, the continua-tion of militarism for “we cannot have peace mentioned” is not just injustice but tyranny? The u-S Congress had better start thinking of non-stop passage of reaffirming the Constitu-tion by gathering to arrest the people of expansionist theoretics who have gone overboard. They can also re-start the needs and enmities of a second 9-11 commission a.s.a.p. for the people have led the way into that morass and have gotten rid the fecal-matter: shid-ski stenches like that the Iraqs people are having to deal with daily for over 15-years: now.

The needs for Nancy Pelosi to turn her head around or have a people’s takeover dump her off her high-chair is commensurate to where and how the laws have been over-ridden in maintaining the illegalities of the cIAS and not dwell upon national-forest diseases, not dwell upon proper oil-drilling measures since the oligopoly needed to remove them-selves! Give the people the chance for alacrity not only understanding the disenchantments have been wrong-Fuels, and no technologic exploration, but instead war after d-F war, instead warring to have banking become the tools of WTO. The crooks of the child sex-Slaves and neutering of indige-Amers in the 1950’s and 1960’s has also not be derivatives of proponen-cy to have law where anarchyist tendencies have aberrated the laws into fBIS support the devaluation of humanity processes, also! This gets no better when the fBIS hand over the jailed crooks of counterfeiting passports and other national documents. The UN-lawfulness is not only the accompaniment voice of excess but the smaller volitions of bureaucrats mak-ing an extra bride attempt “dollar”. The technocracy of complementing the disease is cer-tainly the  sleaze. The United Nations signage was not put into laws not to become lawful abidance. Those persons griping about UN takeover had better get their heads reading what expansionist-Empire looks like because the u-S has not state-Department leadership when the executive chaos is disorder by maintaining the private directives form the offal-Office. Such is the example of the genocide-Expert gHW Bush giving directives for the first illegal uses of NSDU-238 in 1990 (or 1991 March) whatever the non-Virtuous outcome.


 posted labor day, the peace-warrior "R" Addison

[1]then pronouncements of 11,260 deaths attributable to 1994 study on numbers-additional of soldiers returning from the illegal invasion of Iraq and usages of DU-munitions against the civilian-Population ands orties of arsenal and military-Materiels…



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