Reimagining Society Project: Your impressions please.

I have been following the Reimagining Society Project with great interest. The high quality of the essays and most of the comments is indeed inspiring. My hat’s off to the authors and commentators, and to Znet for starting the ball rolling of course.

However, I think there needs to be a space for comments on the project as a whole, in addition to the per-article comments. Hence I’ve opened a forum thread linked below.

I would be very interested to read what people’s impressions of the project as a whole are.

For example, is anyone else concerned that the schedule seems to be slipping? I worry that the next phase (phase 4) of the project seems to be in danger of slipping behind schedule – no polls, no proposals.

I understand that there is a veritable mountain of information to sift through, but I worry that this project might end up being just another forum for opinion without anything concrete coming out of it.

Maybe I’m just being impatient, but having invested serious amounts of time in reading and thinking about the essays and comments to date, I’m eager to see where the project is headed.

Your comments in the Zcom forums please.

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