Request for Articles against the Second Lisbon Referendum

This is an open invitation for readers to write articles about the Second Lisbon Referendum for Indymedia Ireland.

As you know, the Irish government are forcing the already-defeated Lisbon Treaty (read EU Constitution) on us because we didn’t vote the "right" way the first time.

It is going to be quite an uphill struggle this time (as if it wasn’t enough last time) to defeat it, since we also have the red-herring of "we need to be at the heart of Europe if we are to survive the recession" and other such scaremongering.

I was wondering if there would be any chance that you could write a short article about what the Lisbon Treaty (or an EU Constitution) will mean for people and/or something about the respect for the will of the people to vote against such treaties (ie not to have said treaties pressed on us a second time, without even a comma changed)?

You can email artlices directly to me and I’ll post them on Indymedia.ie or else you are free to post them there yourself.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.

Mark C.
Indymedia Ireland.

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