Research and Sustainable Communities

This is my first blog, so I’ll be brief and try to be succinct.

I’ve spent the last I don’t know how many years, researching sustainability, working as the worlds regions coordinator for Humanity’s Team (http://www.humanitysteam.org); learning how to be a computer/internet geek; and creating my own websites for my soon-to-be-online business network – a blessing as I’ve been laid off from my teaching job – Spanish is not important down here in the South.

So, bless you Z – this is where I’ve wound up after so long and I feel comfortable – for the moment.  As I grow in each moment of now, I realize the amount of data, research, eyeballs and energy grows as well.

So, I’m putting all my poltical awareness, spiritual activism, client relations and retention skills, conflict resolutions skills; translation skills; and much more – and have created WordSpirit Communications Network – a hub of conscious commerce businesses who will be able to exist in a post-carbon environment.  The network includes a translation piece:  WordSpirit translations; and the co-creating and re-creating of sustainable, Oneness communities.

I just finished reading The Long Emergency – great book.  I’ve just about read and listened myself out of Noam Chomsky’s stuff.  I came to him late and devoured his wisdom like great ice cream.  Howard Zinn is another.  And if I ever had anything that resembled a hero, it would be Amy Goodman.  She has more courage than most men have huevos.

Also working with Transition Towns, Peak Oil and Post-carbon outposts.  Having come back to the U.S. from Ireland, I can tell you that my beautiful island will face challenges getting through what I call "The Middle Times." But they’re prepared and preparing.  Wish we here were better at it.  

I’m hopeful…sober, but hopeful.  Aware, but alive.

And so my first post.  A rambling bit of erudite threads from a s-aging geek/wisdom elder (my story & I’m creating it.)  So here’s to you, Z.  You asked for participation and I’m here.  What can I do to help you help me help us?  I’m a talker, a researcher, a communicator and connector.

Peace.  The Journey is, indeed, the dance.  Let’s rock.


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