Reuters forgets Venezuela’s homicide rate and police death rate when it suits

If only it was somebody’s job to scrutinize claims made by officialdom and other partisan actors. We could call the people paid to do this “journalists”.

There is not a single mention of Venezuela’s high homicide rate in this article below or of the high death rate of its police officers (which Reuters itself has reported in the past).

Killings by security forces rife in Venezuela, rule of law ‘virtually absent’: U.N.

 A Reuters article from 2015 ran with the following headline

In violent Venezuela, police killings surge to almost one a day

So that would work out to 365 police officers killed every year if the number Reuters cited were accurate.

No doubt Venezuela’s high police death rate (and homicide rate in general) can allow security forces to pass off extrajudicial executions as self-defense, but they can also allow partisan human rights organizations to make dubious politically motivated allegations.

You can also bet that if a pro-US government took power in Venezuela large scale politically motivated killing of organized chavistas (the long demonized “colectivos”) in poor neighborhoods would be swept under the rug as “fighting crime”.

In 2017 in the United States, 128 cops were killed in line of duty while nearly 1000 people were killed by cops (links here, here and here)

Even according to the wilder allegations made against Venezuela (for example in a voluminous report commissioned by the “regime change” obsessed Luis Almagro) that does not give Venezuelan cops more impunity than they have in the US (looking at the ratio of cops killed versus people killed by cops) where they are under far less threat.

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