Reuters breaks from the corporate herd and questions the legality of Canada’s sanctions on Venezuela

Just kidding. Of course they didn’t. The question of legality does not even come up in these Reuters articles (here and here). Sanctions on Venezuela violate the charter of the Organization of American States (Chapter 4, Article 19) and other international treaties, but Canada is mimicking the world’s leading gangster state so nobody cares.

You also have to admire the way the dynamic duo of Trump and Trudeau target Venezuelan judges with sanctions while also lecturing us all on the importance of “judicial independence”  which does not include independence from Empire apparently.

Remember when, in 2004, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin teamed up with the widely mocked and hated U.S president George W Bush to crush Haitian democracy?

Well you can’t remember it if you rely on outlets like Reuters, but it appears that only two things of note have changed since 2004: George W. Bush has been rehabilitated as part of the “resistance” to Trump, and an even more repulsive businessman is in the White House.

The network of corrupted NGOs and international bureaucracies (OAS, UN) that helped whitewash the destruction of Haiti are playing the same role in Venezuela. Canada is as willing a U.S. accomplice as ever – just as it was in Vietnam, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti etc..

Please pass along to me (jemersberger@aol.com) any semblance of  resistance to the Trudeau/Trump policy towards Venezuela that you find in Canada’s “free press”. Based on what happened with Haiti, I’ll need all the help I can get finding any.


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