Reuters laughs if Capriles laughs – not otherwise

The mocking headline to this Reuters article reads

Venezuela’s new plan to beat hunger: Breed rabbits

Mockery of the Maduro government in Venezuela routinely catches the approving and mirthful eyes of corporate journalists. The article states

Maduro’s critics lampooned the idea.

“Are you serious?” asked Henrique Capriles, a state governor and two-time opposition presidential candidate in a video to response to Bernal. “ … You want people to start raising rabbits to solve the problem of hunger in our country?”

Lilian Tintori, wife of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopea, was widely lampooned for saying she needed 200 million bolivares in cash for her sick grandmother – so widely lampooned that she trended on Twitter. Those of you who speak Spanish should enjoy the video embedded in this article. Tintori also claimed banks don’t deal with her even though a private bank delivered crates of new bills to her. It was about 6000 times more cash than banks generally give to customers at one time.

But that story was reported in a grave tone by Reuters. The headline to this article was dead serious

Activist Tintori says she is barred from leaving Venezuela

The article said nothing about Tintori being mocked and even had a picture of Tintori looking anguished mixed in with the text (see below).

If opposition leaders like Capriles aren’t laughing, neither is Reuters.

Photo and text that follows is a screenshot from the “serious” Reuters article about Tintori.




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