Routes To Economic Vision: Introduction

In advocating participatory economics, I invariably follow a particular and for me familiar logic that moves from preferred values to desirable institutions.

This blog is for exploring, so here I’d like to try to come at economic vision from different angles than those I usually follow. I can think of a few to investigate. Perhaps users can suggest more.

In discussing economics, pejorative terms include, among others, exploitative, alienated, criminal, classist, unsustainable, inefficient, unproductive, authoritarian, and/or anti-social. So in a series of “Routes to Economic Vision” posts, I propose to succinctly explore each of these damning concepts, trying to clarify what is pejorative about the conditions they denote, what I would prefer instead, and where that desire leads me (and perhaps also ought to lead others) vis a vis economic vision.

Next post: exploitation…

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