Russia, China (and the US) Isolated at the UN

Russia and China may be isolated at the United Nations regarding Syria but the US is often on its own vetoing resolutions condemning Israel.

There has been a lot of anger directed towards Russia and China because both countries vetoed a United Nations security resolution condemning Syria's crackdown on anti government protesters. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said  "What happened yesterday at the United Nations was a travesty" she added that Russia and China had "neutered" the security council.

Few would disagree that something has to be done to stop the violence in Syria but let us remember that it was only last December that it was the United States that was casting votes vetoing UN resolutions which criticised Israeli settlement building on Palestinian land. This time it was Russia condemning the United States for being isolated. Vitaly Churkin Russia's UN ambassador called for negotiations and then made no attempt to disguise who he was referring to when he said said "There is one delegation" which believes things will "miraculously" sort themselves out on their own. This is of course not the first time that the US has vetoed resolutions condemning Israel aljazeera reports that

"since 1972 the United States has been the single, solitary veto on 42 Security Council resolutions condemning Israeli violations of international law or human rights."

Another would have been added had a Palestinian bid for statehood gone to a vote but

"US diplomats managed to secure enough abstentions from the Security Council's 15 members to deny the Palestinians [the required] nine votes, thus saving the US from having to veto."

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