Seamless Transitions

Quick note from Corporate World about one politician’s seamless transition into the drug world. It doesn’t get more slimy than this folks. It’s quite an endearing tale, actually; one that will surely reverberate in the halls of infamy:

It’s a story about Billy Tauzin, a Louisiana Republican, who spent 12 terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Much of Billy boy’s time in office was spent tirelessly defending the rights of Big Pharma – that underrepresented, underpaid group. He headed the House Energy and Commerce Committee – which (laxly) regulates the pharmaceutical industry – and was instrumental in the Medicare drug-benefit law.

But Billy Bob’s time in the hallowed halls of Congress came to a close earlier this year and we have learned now that he is moving on to MUCH greener pastures. (By green I mean profitable, slimy and envied)

You guessed it dear reader. Tauzin – after retiring as the head government regulator of the pharmaceutical industry – is about to become the head of the pharmaceutical industry. Billy man was just hired as chief executive of The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America – the very very powerful drug lobby representing Big Pharma.

From drug regulator to drug lobbyist – what career change could be more fluid?

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