Seeking Input for ReSoc Proposal

I have been spending large amounts of time every day for the past week, and more, reading Reimagining Society essays, thinking about them, and formulating ideas and thoughts of my own for the piece I am writing. I imagine I have committed more time than most participants to this. But there are new essays each day, perhaps up to 100 in total now, many of them substantial in length, and although there’s no need to necessarily read each one, it is a daunting task to try to get a relatively good feel for what is out there, and I imagine for the authors especially they will be less inclined to read as many essays after already having contributed time to writing one.

So the question is, what can we do to help people better manage this quantity of very good content on a very important topic? Here is my idea:

A group of RS participants would volunteer, or be assigned, or volunteer to be assigned, to a specific topic area (or part of a topic area) containing 5-10 essays. They would agree to read and discuss these essays with each other for a couple of weeks, and to write up some key points or even a written review of the essays, both to summarize for others their content, and also to contribute constructive criticism and analysis. In this way you would move from a first round of perhaps 100 or more essays to a second round of say, 10 – 20. This could be alongside the already existing plans for people to contribute their own individual review essays/summary essays, vision proposals, etc. as we move along.

I’m curious what others think of this proposal. It seems like it would at least be worthy of polling participants about.

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