Short stories about Italy (English Version)

Small preface:

I believe it's time for me to translate few blogs I've written (this year) about Italy.
I'll just make few changes to make them easier to understand.
This one is about our "king" (our prime minister),

About "bunga bunga orgies" and "wild parties".
You can find some news here
You can read some of the articles if you don't know what I am talking about.

Anyway, worst of all, this post is about us (italians) and what we are ready to accept.

I hope you'll enjoy it.
Because I don't.

More to come.


The old king, pathologically ill, is unable to accept his end.

But we don’t worry about him today.


All around he is observed with ravenous greed by a troop of clowns, dwarves, prostitutes and slaves.
The group of beggars is waiting for some inattention:

they are waiting for stealing something else or for collecting crumbs that could fall from meals of the Lord.

At the court of the monarch the show has become grotesque:

Who thinks to leave him, hoping in further privilege anyway
Who robs him secretly.

Who mocks him.
Who admires him stoically.
Who shames on him, but then regrets, because he has been discovered.
Who is paid to defend him in every situation.
All these parasites cannot properly understand this historical moment.

Is this an imminent collapse or will he remain in power for some days or years?
The boat is sinking more or less quickly, but what do mice have to do?


In this tragedy the real problem is the time: the collapse is final, the King has been beaten.

Perhaps he has been beaten by men or by time, which claims the payment of duty.
But how long will it take to see him without his laurels?
How much longer will it take to stop enjoying its crumbs?

Being a slave is not always easy.


Finally, far away from the center of power, on the suburb of the outskirts of a never existed empire, we have them: the voters.

The ones that, it doesn't matter how everything seems so illogic, will continue to support him.

Always and forever.

They are blind and regardless of any suggestion and they will prolong their agony, repeating always the same mantra: "The president is innocent and we should let him work. "

Their situation isn’t certainly better, compared with the lord’s one: they had told themselves that everything was right and that it was just a conspiracy.
Every day they had to accept some crazy statement, some seemingly inexplicable behavior, some unbelievable joke.
These behaviors should not be ever forget them, but they have been resolved with preconceived and contextual justifications in his case.

The expected wonders hasn’t arrived and they have been justified with unbelievable justifications.
And all this every single day.
While others shamed on their lord and master.


Every day they are forced to change the concept of what is acceptable and believable.

They are the same that are linked to the monarch nowadays, but  ten years ago would have had very different reactions to what happened in the last two years; talking about what might happen to their daughters, as a simple example.
But they have been led gently towards the abyss, step by step.
And now they still cannot accept the end.

This whole story and these voters remind me the story of the boiled frog.
"If a frog is thrown into boiling water, he reacts immediately, jumping out with a big leap. On the other hand, if you place a frog into warm water and heat the water slowly, the animal won’t detect the change of temperature and he will be boiled without any reaction"

At the end
A charlatan has become king and it’s our fault, too.

But he's not a big charlatan, it isn’t worth of granting him this privilege and it’s not necessary to find out any justification.


In Latin there is a sentence:
"Beati monoculi in terra coecorum"

It means, more or less… in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are king.

Welcome to the kingdom of the blind.


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