Show organization the money! Save up and give.

I have bought no pants this past year. Instead, I've re-used old pants, including a old pair from my brother-in-law's teenage years. Believe me, baggy pants do NOT look great on me.

But I've made my choice: I would rather have a new, functional, dynamic, international organization advancing the agenda of liberatory, participatory social change, than a new wardrobe. This means that it makes more sense for me to spend my money on the organization (and other radical causes) than on the pants.

I've been saving up to make a sizeable donation to the New International Organization. I just went ahead and wired the money from the avoided pants and from my various other savings to ZCom.

Won't you join me and do the same?

Donate here: http://www.zcomm.org/fundingorg.htm

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