“slow growth activism”

Richard Kim's article on the Occupy Wall Street Reports that put some bounce in my step. What a great way to encourage patience with the Human Mike and overall process, why not look at Slow Food, Slow Life, Slow Growth Activism as "…a provocative counter-model to Wall Street’s regime of instant profits. After all, it was in the offices and exchanges surrounding Occupy Wall Street that the financiers sliced and diced assets with mind-numbing speed. Enabled by vast and unregulated databases of information, the genius of quants and fancy algorithms and the whirl of flash trades, they ruled the economy on the principles of simultaneity and speed…" We are all Human Microphones Now by Richard Kim.

The guy that tore apart(rhetorically) the Fox News interviewer is inspiring also.

Naomi Klein also put out a great view in her introduction to Arun Gupta's writing The Revolution Begins at Home. "With so much at stake, cynicism is a luxury we simply cannot afford….This is not the time to be looking for ways to dismiss a nascent movement against the power of capital, but to do the opposite: to find ways to embrace it, support it and help it grow into its enormous potential. .. Keep in mind that any attempt to create a genuinely open space to share political ideas is necessarily going to be chaotic and at times embarrassing."

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